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In 2012-2013, the two year project for Preparedness for Oil-polluted Shoreline clean-up and Oiled Wildlife interventions – POSOW (hereafter referred to as “POSOW I”) supported the establishment of a regional cooperation synergy in the field of marine pollution through the enhancement of knowledge and capacities of professional and volunteer operators working in civil protection services, in municipalities and in NGOs, in the European Union coastal countries of the Mediterranean Sea (namely: Croatia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Slovenia and Spain). The POSOW I project grew out of collaboration between ISPRA, Cedre, Sea Alarm and CPMR and coordinated by REMPEC, a regional Centre of the Barcelona Convention.

The extension and spreading of the results and benefits of the POSOW I project to some targeted Southern Mediterranean European Neighbourhood countries and EU candidate countries and potential candidates not participating in the Mechanism (referred as Southern Mediterranean European Neighbourhood


Policy Countries and Enlargement Countries) should support the enhancement of the oil spill response preparedness level of the national civil protection in these countries, their mutual cooperation, as well as facilitate the support of the European Civil Protection Mechanism in case of request for assistance from one or more of these countries.

In this context, the POSOW II project aims at expanding the achievements of POSOW I (development and provision of Training Material Package, organization of Train the Trainer Courses and National Pilot Training Courses, development and maintenance of POSOW Website and Volunteers Database, etc.) to these Southern Mediterranean European Neighbourhood Policy Countries and Enlargement Countries, namely: Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey.

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