Sea Alarm Foundation

Sea Alarm Foundation advances and coordinates professional responses to oiled wildlife contingencies. Working in close collaboration with other wildlife response NGOs, government authorities and the oil and maritime industries, Sea Alarm initiates and facilitates strategic response preparedness activities. Sea Alarm also coordinates and facilitates training opportunities for a network of European and global wildlife response experts from the world’s leading response organizations. Sea Alarm can provide training, or help to initiate and assist with round table discussions on oiled wildlife response preparedness and has been involved with development of European regional policy on oiled wildlife response at the Regional Agreements. Sea Alarm has coordinated the development of handbooks and guidelines, like IPIECA’s Guide to Oiled Wildlife Response Planning, The Handbook on Oil Impact Assessment, The Handbook on Good Practice for the Rehabilitation of Oiled Birds in the Aftermath of an Oil Spill Incident, and the European Oiled Wildlife Response Plan.